About Us

ILICIT – AFRICA started in March 2012 with the name IGNITE – AFRICA. A resolvement was made by the management to have the name ILICIT – AFRICA meaning Integrating Livelihoods through Communication Information Technology for Africa.



The ICT sector has the capacity to help transform Africa and allow the continent to become a fully joined up member of the global knowledge economy. For this to happen, governments, regulators, carriers and vendors must come together in connecting the unconnected and bridging the digital divide between urban and rural parts of Africa.

Connecting rural communities is a major issue right now in Africa. Research into rural connectivity features a combination of analysis from our sector and region experts to solve the need for usability and easy access to the internet and ICT in rural areas.

To enhance access and connectivity in rural Areas

Sustainable and inclusive growth and ICT access in rural habitations to improve their livelihood
opportunities including connectivity and quality of life bringing them in the main stream of socio-economic activities.