ILICIT Africa and Lara Learning Team enhances Children’s Digital Literacy in Bududa

In the need to bridge the digital divide ILICIT Africa in partnership with Lara learning started the Children Digital Literacy program in Bududa. Children’s Digital Centre is being piloted with children from the age of the 3 to 10yrs. 30 children for the first time learnt how to use tablets. The tablets were installed with Education Apps. The Pilot phase that started in May is set to last for a period of 2 years.

Children learning with Tablets at ILICIT Africa Digital Center

Indigenous children in rural areas have a challenge of accessing digital devices and computers due to the high costs and they cannot afford Digital devices. To some of the community members they were seeing the Tablets for the first time in their lives and were scared of touching them and fear for them to be broken.  Bududa being a rural area experience challenges in ICT and the youth and adults through the learning Centre have got an opportunity to access.

Children having fun with the tablets in Bududa

The children come to the Digital Center every afternoon from Monday to Friday and spend the Weekend playing with the games on the tablets and reading the children digital books which enhances their ability to read, write and learn English. Special thanks to the Lara Learning Team – Katarina Stensson the Lead, Bridget and Johanna for the support that they have given to the Learning Centre through the donation of 5 Android Tablets.

Katarina of the Lara Team demonstrates how to use a tablet

There is a yearn of the elders to get knowledge of ICT and they asked for an adult digital literacy program especially learn knowledge and skill of using computers and the Internet to search for information.  The youths who came to the Centre during the pilot phase were interested in having computer lessons since the schools they go to have limited computers and these are mainly utilized by the teachers.


To support us, here is what you should do:

  1. Look through your home and friends circle for unused tablets or laptops or computers. Maybe one with a scratched screen or a full memory?
  2. Email Daniel on for a pickup in Kampala or Mbale or Within Uganda or Katarina on to arrange a pickup (only Stockholm!) for how to deliver your support
  3. You will receive an official thank you note, and your name will be added to the community support list.

Support us because you believe we can create change and solve the Digital Divide Challenge

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