ILICIT Africa gets approval to set up ICT Centre in Bududa

Amidst the growing trends in technology, On January 2015, ILICIT Africa was granted an approval to set up the ICT Hub. Bududa District is located in the eastern part of the Eastern. Region of Uganda. The district comprises one county, seven sub-counties.

After evaluating the impact of the project and the hub will boost and help the people of Bududa area match the global development and help the community understand the importance and relevance of Education, ICT and Technology for Development says Mr. Wakholowa Muhammad the Chairman LCIII.

The ICT Hub will have an ICT training Centre that will train the local indigenous people on basic skills of ICT, an E–Library Centre that will boost literacy and education in the region and a Technology hub that will bring, foster Innovation and business development in the area of Bududa District. In the interviews conducted it was found out that there is no ICT centre and the library there is only one community Llibrary in Bududa town which serves a a population of over 5000.


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