Innovation for Youth Employment in Africa

With the trending challenges in Africa, it was a great pleasure to organise the Ashoka Changemakers bootcamp that was held at Hive Colab. The event was greatly made possible by Ashoka, Mastercard and Hive Colab cordially provided the venue for the event as ILICIT Africa conducted the on ground mobilization and preparation for the event with support from Vincent from Regional Director of Youth Years Ashoka and ThienVien from the Ashoka Changemakers team.


The bootcamp brought together 19 Changemakes from different areas around Kampala. To be able to implement change, there is need to identify the problem or challenge. With problem identification, solving, innovation, prototyping and scaling solution created a mind alterations which gave the participants a twist in there thinking abilities.

With the need for Social entrepreneurship, many challenges are encountered in solution development and ideation. This is geared by a team that comes together in solving the problem. The morning session was filled group interaction, where the participants identified different challenges encountered in there communities. This challenges were zeroed to one challenge where participants brain stormed solutions to the challenge. This was a very participatory session which was geared by a problem solving model.

The afternoon session was very inspiring as Abu, of village energy gave his inspiration story to what made him be a change maker, with his experience, challenges and success  of Village Energy.

Participants longed for more time and requested that more sessions and bootcamps be held.  After the bootcamp session there was a meeting with the Ashoka Venture Alumni. Abubaker the founder of Village energy gave an inspiration talk to the alumni which you can watch.

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