Statement on the disaster brought by the EarthQuake in Nepal

On behalf of the EWERDIMA Team, I would like me pass our deepest condolences on the families and friends of the deceased during 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area of central Nepal between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara affecting the Victims in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and Mount Everest where the Avalanches were triggered.

According to the Nepalese information minister who told the BBC that 1,500 people had been killed in the disaster, but that the true casualty figure would probably be much higher. The Livelihoods of the citizens is at stake as damage has occurred and interfered with the peaceful country.

Disasters of this magnitude call for a collective response, a demonstration of International solidarity. We therefore join the other organizations, schools, religious groups, government agencies, and concerned individuals sympathy.

This is the point that I regret the slow development of the EWERDIMA Response gadget which could be used to save and identify victims of Disasters and Emergency situations and calamities. We believe this calamity would not have reached this enormity if the right social systems and technological tools were in place which the EWERDIMA team in coordination with different stakeholders has received in-kind support from Arduino with arduino boards, Microsoft with the server space and licences, Outbox Technology Hub the current co-creation working space. The project is managed by ILICIT Africa (Integrating Livelihoods through Communication Information Technology for Africa).

Todays, improvements in technology make it possible to interconnect measuring and monitoring devices at different locations. The cost of building these applications that can run on these smart devices which the EWERDIMA Team is building is really high and requires adequate resources and support from different stakeholders.

With this message, I call upon all stakeholders, organisations and companies who believe we can join hands and build this technological solutions to reduce deaths occurring during disasters and emergency situations to grant us support to build these technologies that can save mass deaths just like the Earthquake that occurred on the 25th April 2015.

With deep sadness we come together to mourn the deaths and victims of the Earthquake in Nepal and other affected areas.


Daniel K. Nanghaka

Executive Director- ILICIT Africa / Founder of the EWERDIMA Platform

Email: /

Tel: +256772898298


You can download a copy of the message hereĀ 

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