Press Statement on Freedom of Expression and Ban of Media Houses from Broadcasting Opposition Gatherings in Uganda

Press Statement on Freedom of Expression and Ban of Media Houses from Broadcasting Opposition Gatherings in Uganda

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Freedom of expression is the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information through any media and regardless of frontiers. The ban violates the Freedom of Expression as a human right.

Following the ban of the Government of Uganda to media houses broadcasting Opposition gatherings on the 5th May 2016, ILICIT Africa seeks to express its disappointment in the government of Uganda for the act caused which violates the rights of the citizens and Press in Uganda which has violated global principles of Human rights. Press freedom violations have undermined Uganda’s vision of transparency.

Press freedom has been lost as a result of the political situation in Uganda with the incumbent government. Furthermore, the media in Uganda has lost its freedom of expression and ability to share information nationally and globally following the ban which has finally been enacted in Uganda. This has been trending with restriction of media houses to report or broadcast provisional results and the house arrest of the opposition leaders after the election results.

Amidst the trending poor state of the nation, the livelihoods of the indigenous people continue to be affected each day, from the poor state of service delivery to critical infrastructure like roads.

ILICIT Africa would like to report to the African Union based on the Africa commission on Human and People’s Rights with the adoption of Resolution 71 at the 36th Ordinary Session Union which whose mandate was renewed at the 42nd Session, Bullet 3, 4 and 5 of the mandate called for the Special Rapporteur to monitor the member states on violations of freedom of expression which Uganda being a signatory happens to fall victim of violations of the mandate with the banning of sharing of information. Uganda has been facing a systematic violation of the right of freedom of expression and denial of access of information which is raising a concern since it affects the livelihoods of the nationals.

The African Union declared 2016 as the year of Human Rights with an emphasis on Freedom of Expression.

Daniel K. Nanghaka
Executive Director


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