Daniel the founder of Ignite Africa started this week on a remarkable note. He had a chat with David Ayesiga the founding partner and Managing Director of Computer Career Development Initiative – CCDI. It was about the support that can be granted to the development of Ignite Africa with a goal of bridging the digital divide and extending the services enjoyed in the urban areas to the rural areas.
David highlighted the need to build the capacity of the rural areas to use digital media as a tool of communication and collaborative techniques. The technologies that were highlighted included the use of Web 2.0 technologies to be empowered to the youth and the persons in the rural areas.
Furthermore, the support that will be granted by CCDI will include training of the youth in the use of the technologies among others. In the road to creating a partnership with Ignite Africa, CCDI will be actively involved in the participatory methodologies to help and enhance rural knowledge and skills in ICT.
In a more dimensional view of CCDI, Mr. David Ayesiga elaborates more on the technologies that will enable the youth to be self reliant which is in line with the sustainability and entrepreneurship skills that will help the youth. There is a challenge of youth embracing entrepreneurship, so they aim for small Jobs and earn less. With the Business training and adoption of ICT the youth will gain from Ignite Africa these skills and techniques remarks Daniel Nanghaka – the founder of Ignite Africa.
More details will be coming up on the progress of Ignite Africa.