Enhancing Knowledge and Skills in Ugandan Students

Technology demands in Uganda are changing. 30% of students who join university for ICT courses have less or no knowledge of technical experience regards to programming. Schools in the city have tremendously benefited from the technology and ICT boom that is sky rocketing leaving rural areas of Uganda untapped and unexposed to the demand of ICT skills and training. Imagine students dreaming to become computer geeks and programmers but are shadowed by the environment characterized by inadequate resources and human…

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At ILICIT Africa, we believe that free access to information is a human right. The Internet has dramatically enhanced our ability to exercise this right, but unfortunately most humans cannot access the Internet. Today, over 4.3 billion people cannot connect to the Internet at all and another roughly 1 billion people have their Internet connections censored or monitored. A world where only 20% of humans have truly free access to digital information is unacceptable. That is why we support the…

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ILICIT Africa aims at enhancing Livelihoods through the use of ICT. This is done through conducting Assessments, technology review then implementation.

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