ICT driving the world today, there is a need to enhance learning abilities and Mobile abilities. ILICIT Africa whose aim is to enhance livelihoods through communication information technologies in Africa together with Lara will be implementing Learning abilities in children in Bududa. With the global need for educational enhancement and ICT everyone, everywhere on earth will be able to contribute in extending the app, and adapting it to their local community. As the world is going digital, and the price of mobile devices is decreasing, there is a huge opportunity to provide education to those who really need it through digital solutions. Following a discussion with Katarina Stensson on enhancing learning abilities of children aged 3 – 12yrs. A partnership between ILICIT Africa and Lara Learning app to be piloted in Bududa District. The children will be taught how to use tablets and use them as an enhancements in their knowldge abilities. The tablets will be installed with the Lara Learning App.
About Bududa
Bududa District is struggling with many challenges including a weak education system with 71% of children not making it past the 7th grade. The penetration rate of ICT in Bududa is so minimal especially that one can only access computer at the dristict. There are large numbers of vulnerable children and youth at increased for risk for HIV/AIDS, neglect and abuse despite the high teenage pregnancy rates with an average woman having her first child at age 14. The area is also encompassed with harmful traditional practices including early marriage and child labor especially for girls with an exploding population, leading to food shortages and environmental degradation.
In August 2012, Bududa faced the worst hit scene of landslides that burried 5 villages in areas of Nameste. It has been well known for frequent landslides that have caused over 1,000 deaths since 2010 with over 20,000 people displaced.
With 250 million children around the world can not read or write, Uganda is no extraordinary case. According to Katarina Stensson (Founder, Lara)T she says together we can change that through the open source educational app, that will let kids teach themselves and each other basic reading, writing and math.
With this ICT and Educational Challenge, Daniel K. Nanghaka – Executive Director ILICIT Africa says this is an opportunity to expound the knowledge base and enhance Mobile Pedagogies in Africa. This also follows an endorsement by the local leaders who approved the plan to set up an E-Learning Centre in Bududa in the year 2014. Project Lara is big for children development and helps them to adopt to the rapidly changing technologies. The project will be teaching and at the sametime testing Learning abilities of the children.