Talent development in emerging market economies is a multi-layered and complex process and in building business and a company’s strategic initiatives should be able to link its leadership development program with its strategic intent.

This workshop aimed to strengthen the AMEX Uganda Alumni network by providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the leadership process. This workshop brought forth real life experiences and engagements with AMEX Alumni who have been able to achieve respective milestones in the challenging entrepreneurship journey in Uganda. Paneled discussions of AMEX Alumni from Uganda were held and members were able to share their story and entrepreneurship leadership journey to stimulate dialogue and knowledge sharing based on experiences.

ILICIT Africa in the emerging economies of Africa remains loyal to spear head leadership development with there partners, this workshop was held with support from American Express, Outbox Hub and Kampala Leadership Academy.

ILICIT Africa will be organizing and promoting sustainable global leadership skills and high performing teams which will be governed by guided focus group discussion on leadership culture shared among various emerging leaders