The AMEX workshop started with introductory remarks which were given by Daniel K. Nanghaka. Opio Solomon from Binary garage was welcome to give a session on the leadership path where he shared his leadership experience. It was noted that Leadership is a process that manifests through the path and there is need to design your path of what you need to achieve in your leadership carrier.

In this workshop, the members present learnt to understand themselves as leaders, develop individual leadership skills and how to use them to inspire outstanding performance in their teams. This was held under the theme “Elevating Leadership to the Next Level”.

Brian Ssenoga from Kampala Leadership Hub was able to take the participants into a dive to understand themselves using the leadership handbook that was developed for the workshop. This session included self-discovery of leadership with an interaction of how one can become self-aware.

The afternoon session of the workshop was focusing on nonprofit leaders and/or community leaders engaged with the network discussing issues pertinent to the nonprofit leadership.  Daniel K. Nanghaka moderated the panel with Q&A to enhance dialogue and learning experience sharing. Bamunye Godwin from Ghetto Youths whose organized builds the capacity of youth in Kampala Slums was able to share his experience of building leadership skills based on the slum environment, Amony Haryet a rural girl embracing the city empowering youths through her i-Discovery initiative advocating for self-empowerment as she works to eliminate stereotype of refugees. Amony’s movement preaches the gospel of Leadership as a lifestyle. Joseph Lahose, Hope for Refugees in Action a youth led organization that is empowering Urban refugees to reintegrate into the host country through building skill training and leadership development.

During the workshop nonprofit leaders and/or community leaders were invited to engage with the alumni network to discuss issues pertinent to the nonprofit leadership. The Non Profit leaders came from the Ghetto Youth Project and Refugee Led Organization Network where they bring hope to Urban Refugees. Daniel K. Nanghaka from ILICIT Africa led the panel with Q&A to enhance dialogue and learning experience sharing.

Furthermore, the Workshop brought an opportunity to elevate leadership skills and co-create with visionary impact changing leadership from the AMEX Alumni Uganda Network who revealed what challenges and milestones they have achieved in there change making journey. During this workshop, important and unique stories were shared creating an opportunity to meet fellow change makers.