logo_blackIn the niche to bridge the digital dive and to achieve the WSIS 2015 objective of bridging the digital divide, Indigenous Youth, Farmers, anyone who has limited access or do not own a computer generally public users and Global citizens will have a sustained use of the computer and Internet with an ICT skills enhancement.
Communication will be bridge with reduced cost in data and accessibility. Daniel the founder and CEO of I-Africa is currently lobbying funds to run the digital Rucomp village to bridge the digital divide. He says ” Out of 1billion population of Africa, the Internet penetration rate is at 15.6%. which means the 84.4% of African have no access to the internet “. With the future of communication and digital access, the mobile phone is not adequate enough solve the reach of the internet in Africa.
The Rucomp will be placed in different areas and regions providing enhanced data and open access to the Internet which is key for the growing African population.

EWERDIMA, a Timely warning and reporting of projected disaster tool enhances timely evacuation of victims during a disaster and emergency crisis. Direct location of victims and affected households during a disaster. This is mainly based on Rapid Radio Communication and Location based radio device to enhance duplex communication between the victimized and disaster response teams to save lives of victims during disaster. The tool alerts the household members about a disaster breakout such that they can evacuate the premises before the hazard. In case one is victim, they are able to press the emergency button which sends response to the disaster team for immediate action to save a life.
The Demonstration site for this project is in Bududa. Bududa was chosed due to the fact that it has experienced numerous Landslide Disasters making it a suitable site.

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ILICIT Africa aims at enhancing Livelihoods through the use of ICT. This is done through conducting Assessments, technology review then implementation.

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