The different locations of Bududa and Oyam will be run by the staff.
Founder and Executive Director
Daniel Nanghaka Khauka
Daniel has a strong goal to change the world through ICT as an intervention to world calamities, challenges and problem, which he has gained profound experiences and is raising awareness in the ICT and Social works.

He is a private consultant in business, Startups and development. He is also known as a Business Modeller with proficiency in designing sustainable Business Models for Startup Businesses in East and Central Africa. He runs a Startup company Vine Geek Technologies Co. Ltd with three other members Ronnie Delyon, Odidiet Emmanuel and Musonge Mordecai that puts strong emphasis on Data Security and Integrity of Software Applications that they build for their clients across the region.
Daniel has experience and has been trained as a Peer Educator and Youth Counselor in HIV/AIDs where he volunteered at MUST Peer Project (MPP) a LUMUST project that was set up in Mbarara University of Science and Technology with partnership with Lund University in Sweden.
He has also been the Community Lead and Lead Researcher of Hive Colab an open space of Innovation Hub which has a key role in fostering upcoming Software Developers in Uganda and has contributed in incorporating ICT in Business Innovations through sustainable work plans and business plans for the developers.
Tel: +256772898298
Email: daniel.nanghaka@localhost

Financial Manager
With 17years in Business and Finance, Benard Holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.
Mr. Benard Ogwal
Tel: +256772686769

Opio Solomon
PP1Solomon is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Software Engineering of Makerere University.
He is a very enthusiastic person, very passionate about technology and innovations.
To that end, he founded the Embedded Systems Developer group of Uganda aimed at bringing together developers in this field to overcome the challenges faced.
Solomon is also the Lead and co-founder of Soltech Digital Solutions a fast growing ICT consultancy company.


About us

ILICIT Africa aims at enhancing Livelihoods through the use of ICT. This is done through conducting Assessments, technology review then implementation.

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